Rudy's recipe catalog features many types of cuisines: including Italian, Tex-Mex, American, and some Asian and Indian themes. I can prepare whatever you desire, also I like to create meals from leftovers and just whats around. 

Rudy's Personal Chef Services

Rudy's also practices using healthier pans like ceramic coated pans, non-teflon and non-aluminum coated pans, stainless steal, and properly cleaned cast iron pans.

Rudy's understands that it is important to eat healthier and is also very careful dealing with food allergies.  The recipe catalog also includes many healthier recipes.  By using less and better oils, using organic and non-GMO foods, and using low fat and low calorie products. 

Rudy's Personal Chef Services specializes in: prepared oven ready meals, live cooked meals, holiday parties, birthday parties, graduations, and other special occasions.  As a Personal Chef business, legally all of the food has to be prepared at the clients home.